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54th Festival Throw Pillow

54th Festival Throw Pillow

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Proudly made in North Carolina, Splash Work pillows are printed with eco-friendly inks. The 54th Festival pillow draws inspiration from the original poster art of the 2011 festival and features a bold and abstract design. The fabric face and back is 100% polyester with 2 pounds of polyester filler for the insert and Jute added for the edges. These pillows come overstuffed and plenty full. About 4 inches thick. 

  • Dimensions are 20" x 20"
  • A knife-edge pillow has a seam sewn without a decorative finish. It tapers to sharp, crisp edges and corners, creating a very simple, clean, polished look
  • A boxed-edge pillow is constructed with a vertical sidewall of natural jute that is 4" thick
  • Please note we do not accept returns on this product, as each is made to order